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A Study In Scarves

Heavens, it’s been a while! I have a dress to make before the 11th of June, so I will keep my gibbering brief.

The first order of business is that I have renewed the listings in my Etsy shop, and added a whole lot of new inventory, many of which are recent spins! I’m trying to spin 14 pounds of yarn this year and so far, I am just about on track–but it’s quite impossible to use it all myself. My handspun drawer is beginning to overflow, so I really do need to move some of this squooshy stuff.

I’ve been bitten quite badly by the gradients-and-lace bug; this may or may not come up in the future.

Finally, the main point of this post–snowflake twill scarves. I put on a 5-yard 8/2 tencel warp in silver to make two, one with grey laceweight bamboo weft, and one with medium blue 8/2 tencel. Without further ado, the whole affair in photos:

Warp beamed, homemade lease sticks preserving the cross.
Laced onto the front apron rod. (Not pictured: yarn used to lace on breaking after several inches of weaving, requiring hours of careful retensioning.)
Checking for threading errors.
Twoflower’s helpful contribution to the bobbin-winding process.
Hemstitching the end of the first scarf with my non-dominant hand.
It works, after a fashion, but it’s very awkward to manipulate the needle left-handed at the back of the fabric, where I can’t see what I’m doing.
Worth the effort!
Humble beginnings for the second scarf, in very bad light.
And not so humble, after all.
I stopped when I could no longer open a shed, right here.

The graphite scarf already has a loving home, but the blue one is also in the shop!