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In Which A New Obsession Looms

My Kromski Harp arrived on October 25th, a day later and a part brokener than expected. One of the ratchets had been cracked in half when it was attached to its beam, making it entirely impossible to assemble,  let alone use.

I called the Woolery the next day (Saturday), and they told me to email them a picture. On Monday, they emailed back saying they would pass it along to the Kromski distributor, who would send a replacement.

I was antsy about it all week. On Thursday (Halloween), the new piece arrived, and within two hours the loom was assembled and within three I was winding a warp. On Friday, it looked like this:

A critical observer may note that the edges are a bit rough and a bit strange. Fear not, critical observer!

They got a little better when I was weaving without paying much attention.

Above, you can see just how wobbly the selvedges were at the beginning, and below, the slightly improved end. They look best around the middle, really, but I’ll show that when I unveil the washed and pressed results (it’s already done, I just need to take pictures).

The whole set-up, there. Note the very wide heddle and the very long stick shuttle on the right side. The upshot here is that I can definitely weave yardage on this baby. Downside? I am short, that stick shuttle is very long, and because I’m dragging it through the shed instead of throwing, it contributes to the strangeness of my selvedges.

No matter, the Husband Creature has offered to make me a fringe twister and some boat shuttles. We shall see how that goes. Might be good to have a model on hand to replicate, though.

From warping to cutting it off the loom, this whole thing took just 4 days.

Straight off the loom, the texture is odd: rough and stiff, in spite of the very soft warp (Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Aurora Heather). The weft is handspun New Zealand Merino in the colorway “Fangorn” from Lanitium ex Machina, which at 23 microns is on the coarse end of the merino spectrum (but still at the fine end of the wool spectrum).

Since I don’t yet have a fringe twister, I used a binder clip attached to the leader on my Stella to twist my fringe. Here’s that set-up:

I’m already scheming about my next project. And, I don’t want to say too much yet because then I can’t do a dramatic reveal later, but tomorrow, I’m off to Chico to look at (and probably bring home) a potential new addition to my odd little fibery family.

Aside from the weaving, I’ve finished a couple other things. The singles for my “Qarth” gradient are done and rewound for plying. I finished my Rock Island shawl, and it is big and lovely.

The edges aren’t as pointy as I’d have liked, but I expected that, using bamboo instead of wool.

It’s soft and cozy and I adore it.

(Not trying to look “artistic” or anything like the model for the pattern, I swear! Trillian was headed out onto the balcony and I was greeting her.)

I also finished some yarn for my shop!

Just a quick peek for now, I’ll talk more about it in a later post. I have another bobbin already filled for a coordinating yarn, and at least one more to go. Once I’ve wrapped that up, I’ll talk about successes (and sad, disastrous failures) in making coils!


Don’t Forget to Be Abnosome

This last week has been slow on spinning. Very slow, partially because of a couple of small hiccups in the art yarn department–specifically, that these hands have never made art yarn before and trying to jump into coils and beehives straight off is sort of insane. The hands are learning corespinning now. More on that when I run out of core. It’s going better than the other things, which I will photograph for full disclosure at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, there is a larger reason. A very large reason, in fact. That is, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. I signed up on Team Fishwhales, and when registration was through, we were combined with a team of strangers calling themselves 2Glam2GiveADamn to become 2Glam2GiveADamnLovesFishwhales. To their credit, they were indeed quite glam, far too glam to be embarrassed by the kind of spectacular silliness that ensued over the last week.

Last Sunday the item list appeared–over 150 items of varying impossibility. Most of the impossible items were a problem of geography (I’m most upset about the item in which three team members go to the Dalí Museum in Spain with absurd moustaches, come on Spain, whatcha doing all the way over there???), which, if it could be solved by creative thinking, I would already have done. So we signed up for some things, we got excited, and we made stuff. And here’s the stuff I made, both materially and in profound metaphysical strangeness.

I lost a game of Settlers of Catan to Matt and Mr. Squooshy Penguin, narrowly beating Hubert, during a bloodparty.
I experienced some difficulty getting dressed when a flock of helium balloons made off with my pants.
I got a celebrity endorsement by Jeph Jacques for the SOMETAL Ukulele from Fishwhale Glamours, and became convinced that I’d invented the word “blood.”
I had a churro dagger-fight with my best friend–fortunately churros are fairly harmless, but the whole thing got a little bit Julius Caesar for a few seconds there.
I became the proud papa to a litter of wee kittens…and then cooed over the rest of the teensy kittybabies and most of the pupples at the SPCA for at least half an hour.

And THIS, well…this speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Here, have some outtakes too.

I became a kale dragon–you may call me Kale Drogo.


I did a hug with bonus Star Trek joke. Oh, and all that face paint? I’m totally allergic.
I made and wore a uniform…and got photobombed by the Queen.

These are just my own contributions; there’s much, much more–but I’ll let my teammates tell their own stories (links if and when I have any).

As the sole member of the California division of 2Glam2GiveADamnLovesFishwhales, I could have pulled off none of this without the help and support of my BesFren (official title) and roommate, Matt. Nothing I could say could adequately express how thankful I am for so willing a partner in crime terminal weirdness.