Trillflower (n., collective): cats, Trillian and Twoflower, adorable and fiber-devouring, with spectacular fur-launching skills.

The blogger is called Kitt. Spinner since June 2012, knitter since October 2010, crocheter since 1995, and disaster in proximity to iron and sewing machine since always. Recovering poetry major.

The blog is a place for going on and on about spinning and knitting, mostly, as the blogger is unable to discuss sewing coherently (though she can sometimes be spotted swearing aggressively at her sewing machine) with much excited gibbering about sewing, as the blogger has ceased being incompetent. Still, she no longer engages in much crochet at all. The blog aspires to one day talk at great length about weaving as well, and will not apologize for any discussion of vegan foods or homebrewing that may surface in the midst of the sea of fiber and cat photographs.

The blogger wishes to welcome the reader warmly. Do poke around (the blogger promises this will be possible in the next few weeks), get comfortable, and enjoy.


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