Tour de Fleece Day 1


It’s Tour de Fleece! Tour de Fleece Tour de Fleece Tour de Fleece TOUR DE FLEECE!!!
Some people look forward to the winter holidays. Some love their birthdays.

And some are baby-eating heathen-type fiber people. And for us?


It’s Tour de Fleece!!!

So, Kitt, whatcha got on the first day of Le Tour?

Pictured above, a pair of mini-skeins (twisted together ’cause they were so lonely); those darling things are 33.5 and 39 yards of fractally-spun 3-ply, DK, Pamukkale and Twenty-Five Dot Nine (grey) coordinate on polwarth from the Into the Whirled August 2012 classic fiber club–my very first club shipment. A bit less than an ounce up there. Those wee things are destined for the front of a v-neck sweater. It’s possible there’s a slightly obsessive human directing these things.

The remaining eleven ounces are here, all split up and ready to spin:


I haven’t spun regular polwarth since last year’s Tour, and I’d nearly forgotten how astoundingly lovely it is to spin.

Perhaps it wasn’t quite so lovely previously; Cris’ fibers have spoiled me for everything in my local yarn shop and a good portion of internet things as well.

There’s another braid of the coordinate for sleeves (probably not full-length). It seemed more expedient than trying to split up the fractal for sleeve stripes to match both the body striping (in color and width) and each other. The obsessive human does have her limits.


Of course, I did have some jealous paws about. Twoflower decided–wisely–that she could be more helpful if she sat to the side and guarded the fluff than she would be in my lap.
Just don’t mention that she needs to guard that fiber from herself.


She’s very proud of her usefulness in this advisory capacity.
And there was an incident with some yarn a few days ago. It wasn’t pretty. Suffice it to say, it’s not a subject for polite blogging. Or casually vulgar blogging.


And, well, she might have learned a lesson. Not a big lesson, of course, not Twoflower, not my little wool fiend.

But maybe just enough of a lesson to be just a little bit helpful.

Now, I’ve got to see a spindle about some baby camel before I see some sheets about vivid hallucinations.

(Note to self: try blogging Day 2 before 4:30am on Day 3?)


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